New Support Forums

For help with EEHack, EEX, or general f-body stuff, I made a forum so it’s easier to ask questions, or just discuss the software.

I doubt it’ll become very active, but my hope is that new users can read this forum to search for answers to frequently asked questions.

This forum shares its membership database with this blog as well, so if you’ve already signed up, you’re good to go.

This should be more efficient than posting comments here if you need help (and I will now stop approving comments on blog posts asking for help, instead sending a private message reccommending re-posting on the forum …)



I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone that’s recently pitched in a few bucks to my paypal beer/carparts fund, and mostly from the gearhead-efi crew.  Some donations have been especially generous.

I know that none of us LT1 folks are rich, especially after dumping so much into keeping these beat up old sports cars running.  Every time I get an email that someone has thrown me a tip, big or small, it makes my day.

I’ve never really directly asked for anything for my time and efforts (…outside of putting a big ‘donate to beer fund’ button in the about tab of eehack, which will be in the next version…)

The timing has been really great, my wife has been out of work for some time now, so my car budget is shot, and my clutch throw-out bearing is starting to sound like it’s possessed by demons.  Now I can afford a proper replacement.

Your donations have really demonstrated to me that:

  • I did the right thing investing a lot of my free time into this project
  • Taking the high road with “Free and open source” is the right way to go
  • People actually do still tune LT1s!
  • People find the tools useful and appreciate it, instead of seeing them as just a novelty

Just a few more things to tidy up, and 4.0 should be released soon!

New Site

Old site – ugly and hard to maintain, and nowhere to comment or post anything.

This site – took 5 minutes to make with wordpress.