Tuning Software


LT1Edit was written by one of the first researchers into the EE platform. This is a dedicated editor written for one platform only, and is not extensible.

It provides a built-in flash utility. It has the LEAST amount of parameters available of any EE tuning solution, due to being fairly out of date and being geared towards the beginner. It currently costs $200 and is locked to a single ECM.

Although I can’t reccommend purchasing this software package, we must respect his work in being the first one to make this platform tuneable.


Tunercat is a package designed to edit bins for a wide variety of platforms, including the LT1. It is extensible and capable.

The maintainer of tunercat is a very capable bin hacker, and has discovered many of the parameters now known to the LT1 tuning community.

His software is affordable, not restricted to a single ECM, and has a built-in flash utility.


Tunerpro is a software package designed for the DIY bin hacker. It does one thing, edits bin files, and it does it very well.

It is free, and requires a definition file to work…

Well, I have worked very hard to make a definition file that works well with tunerpro, and here it is. It is heavily documented with comments, and all of the parameters are categorized.

You can grab the latest version here

Loading tunerpro with this XDF and switching to ‘Category’ view provides an excellent tuning environment that should make any LT1 enthusiast happy:

It DOES NOT flash ecms, and requires standalone software (see below) to become a complete lt1 tuning solution.

Standalone Flash Tools

If you’re using tunerpro, you will also need a flash utility of some type. Assuming you do not already own LT1Edit or Tunercat, there are two standalone options:


My own software.  It doesn’t edit bins, since I believe Tunerpro does that best, but it datalogs, analyzes, tweaks, and reprograms your ECM…. and more!


From the maker of tunerpro, Winflash is another excellent standalone flash utility.

It’s $20, and a 30 day trial is available.


My tuning documents will assume you are using tunerpro with my EEX definition file for editing and eehack for logging and flashing.

Using Tunercat, some parameters that I discuss may not be available, or will be named differently.