The EE Mask


The EE bin mask is a program designed to control a very specific subset of engines, used only in the 1994-1995 f-body, y-body, and b-body GM vehicles.

Despite being only used in production for 2 years, and now being over 20 year old technology, a healthy enthusiast community still thrives on the EE platform. I use the word “healthy” referring to the size and strength of the community, not the actual mental health of it, which is about as healthy as a chinese made lawnmower engine with rod knock. Lets face it, LT1 fans are bananas.

To cling to such a platform when so many obviously superior engine controllers have emerged may seem insane, but sometimes the straightjacket of an antique engine controller is a comfortable one. Personally I enjoy a challenge and i root for the underdog, so I have decided to do as much as I can to understand this platform.

The largest limitation of the EE platform is the lack of research that has gone into it; the number of parameters that have been discovered is dwarfed by other more popular masks. Most of the reason behind this limitation is the fact that the LS1 came out just as the LT1 started to gain traction in the tuning community, leaving very little incentive for the more experienced hackers to continue work on it.

We’re getting there, though….

Scope of this document

This document will focus on some of the poorly understood areas of tuning specfic to the 1994-1995 series of LT1 engines, henceforth referred to as EE (which is the mask for the software for this engine controller).

If you are the kind of person that “just wants it to work” without trying to understand why, this may not be the right tuning document for you.

As this document focuses on some of the more “black art” areas of this platform, I will assume a basic knowledge of tuning vehicles, however I believe being thrown into the fire may be the only reasonable way to learn about tuning.

Still, if this is your first time tuning, try some basics first. Scale an injector constant. Disable an error code. I’m not going to teach you that stuff here.

Obligatory Disclaimer

I am an experimental ameture just trying to learn as much as possible. Some information here is based on what I believe to be a logical conclusion, and may be inaccurate. If I tell you to do something and it wastes your time or blows your car up, it’s your own damn fault for trusting the internets. But please, do give me feedback if you find something isn’t working for you, I’d be happy to help.