This website contains a variety of free tools for tuning, modifying, and diagnosing issues with automotive ECMs. Most of the software here is intended for the 16188051 ECM/PCM used exclusively in 1994-1995 Camaros, Firebirds, and Corvettes with LT1 engines.

EEHack is the main purpose of this website. It’s a homebrew program designed to do interesting things with the datastream of your 1994-1995 GM LT1 engine, including control engine parameters in real-time, advanced datalogging and analysis, and even reprogramming the ECM itself. It’s 100% free and open source.

The EEX TunerPRO definition is a great counterpart to EEHack. It’s designed to allow you to edit $EE bin files easily using well labelled, commented, and categorized parameters.

Some of the software here is more general purpose. Trimalyzer is a more generic tool for remapping fuel tables based on narrowband trim data, which is the most common method of tuning the normal driving regions of fuel tables on street cars.

If you’re new to tuning your LT1, or you need help using the tools on this site, I’d suggest signing up for my favorite GM tuning forum,