8 thoughts on “New flash tool”

  1. Do you have any recommendations on cables? Best vendors, what to look for etc? I have an OBD1 cable from many years ago from http://www.aldlcable.com but was told by PCMperformance that it’s only a data cable. It will connect to $EEhack to monitor but will not show pull anything up in Flashhack or TunerPro to collect a base bin file.
    I’m currently waiting on another a new one from them that they make in house. Been scouring looking for them but just not much info on what works (and why) and what doesn’t.


    • there is no such thing as ‘only a data cable’

      you should ignore any advice regarding cables from the people that told you that

      the communications necessary to get engine data of any kind, reset codes, or reflash the ecm are exactly the same as far as the cable is concerned

      a cable that can datalog should also be able to reflash or do anything else my software does

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