Github phase-out

I’ve decided maintaining revision control on Github for the four open-source projects on this site (EEHack, Trimalyzer, ALDLIO, and ListDB) isn’t worth the effort.

These projects will certainly remain open source forever, perhaps even more open, as Microsoft’s ownership of Github and their questionable motives related to open source software could complicate things in the future.

When my Github page is gone, I’ll list current source tarballs on the download pages for each software package, and source code for past revisions will be available on request only.

2 thoughts on “Github phase-out”

  1. Microsoft began taking a different approach to open source software with the release of Windows 10 – especially with the inclusion/availability of Linux subsystem on Windows 10. As with any major corporate buyout, there could be, and probably will be some changes to GitHub. They’ve said it themselves that they plan to keep GitHub “independent”, as long as Satya is at the helm, I believe this will be the case.

    • I agree, it’s more due to not being worth the effort of fine grained revision control for these projects, but there are different degrees of ‘open’. I think keeping things fully within my control maximizes openness, not just now but far into the future.

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