$EEHack Beta Testing

I frequently release beta versions with new features before they get into the ‘stable’ version.  These may contain new and incomplete features, incomplete documentation and tooltips, and may cause stability issues, but they’re usually fine.

You can help me and all the other EEHack users by playing around with the beta version and trying to find bugs or faults with it before less experienced users get ahold of them.  This is especially helpful as I don’t have an LT1 vehicle to test on at the moment!

If you’re having a problem with the current version, perhaps it’s also fixed in this beta…

WARNING!  This beta may be older than the latest stable version.

Download “EEHack-Beta” eehack4.8BETA2-install.zip – Downloaded 975 times – 7 MB

Please contact me directly with any bug reports for this version.

Visit my Github Page for current development source code.