4.61 Beta

New beta version is out with a few small bug fixes and enhancements. Please help me test it!

Fix bug that prevented 'silence extra modules' setting from working
Fix bug that sometimes prevented 'dump ram' setting from working
Stop counting errors during initial connection (unnatural serial events may be normal...)
Allow crazy values in linear voltage to AFR mapping (for lambada or edge cases)
Seperate left and right BLM values in the closed loop performance analyzer

EEHack 4.6 Released

The big news is it connects to corvettes properly, and controls transmission line pressure and EGR duty cycle.

We need B-Body owners to help test connectivity on those cars (especially caddies)

Controls are now done in an ‘expert’ and ‘basic’ mode, so new users don’t have to be afraid of accidentally modifying line pressure while driving and breaking their car…



Bloody spammers

I’m sorry if I’ve deleted your account on this blog, please remake it.  There were too many spammers to keep up with.  I’ve added some basic GM-related questions to the registration form, hope it keeps the spammers away …

Things EEHack needs right now

Things EEHack needs from beta testers right now:

– Review of the definition file for any other typos, mistakes, oversights, or things that could be re-labelled to make more sense
– Testing of B-Body connection stability, especially with a caddy
– Testing of EGR actuation
– More ideas for new swag!

You can help keep the project alive by contributing comments or ideas.

The new version will be out soon…

Development continues…

Despite my lack of an LT1, EEHack isn’t asleep, just moving slowly..

A new beta is in progress, mostly thanks to the crew from gearhead-efi.com.

New features include working y-body connectivity, definition fixes, and new controls.

Development Break

EEHack has been a large project for me, and it’s met and exceeded most of its original goals, and added many that I never planned for.  A tool that was just supposed to control timing advance now flashes bins (at least sometimes…..), analyzes data and makes tuning suggestions, graphs dynamically, and is extensible via definition files.  I don’t even like thinking about how many hours I’ve put into it.

So, I’ve sold my Trans Am and I’m taking a break from major EEHack feature development

This isn’t the end.  I’m happy to keep maintaining the software, fixing bugs, and adding features as my users required.  Also I’ll get another GM car later, but it’ll probably be a V6 (which is a good thing, since it’ll drive me to add V6 support).

For now, I’m going to play in antique Bosch/Toyota land.  It’ll be like a vacation.


EEHack 4.5.2 Released

Taking a small break from EEHack development (since I don’t have an LT1 at the moment).

I’ve decided to release the current build.

It’s really stable but I’ve labeled the new y-body and b-body connection features as ‘experimental’ as they don’t seem to work for anyone yet.  I hope to get that stuff working soon.  For now, though, unplugging the fuses for any CCM/BCM modules seems to enable a stable connection so you can at least flash.

Download it here!

There’s also a new version of the EEX XDF, with some improvements to the automatic transmission stuff.

Now packaging Linux64 build

With the direction that Windows is moving in, I believe that Linux is the future for many oldschool ECM tuners.

One cool thing about EEHack is that it runs almost effortlessly in Linux, being written in QT.  One of our more advanced users and beta testers, Brian, uses Linux almost exclusively with each new release and has reported no major issues.

The major hitch in that plan is that EEHack requires QT 5.6 due to some issues with serial ports in older versions, which is a brand new thing, and most distributions don’t package it yet.

So, to assist users in installing EEHack on their 64-bit linux systems without having to compile or install or whatever, I’ve decided to provide a generic package for Linux users.  Sorry, 32-bit guys, providing two packages is too much work.

It requires no installation, no root access, and should simply ‘unpack and run’.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

Download “EEHack Linux64” eehack4.5.1-linux64.tar.bz2 – Downloaded 334 times – 19 MB