No more Windows XP support for EEHack?

EEHack is written on top of a C++ library called QT, allowing me to develop new features rapidly, support Linux and Mac OSX, and program things in new and interesting ways.  It’s also a great way for people to develop programs that aren’t accustomed to writing GUI software.

Almost by accident, I’ve found that Windows XP is not supported by versions of QT later than 5.6.

This means that if I use the newest QT library, and I do like to keep things updated, EEHack will stop working with Windows XP entirely.  The new beta, for example, is built against QT 5.8, and refuses to start on Windows XP.

On one hand, Windows XP is now over 15 years old, and EEHack is a fairly modern program, so part of me doesn’t care, but I personally have an XP netbook I use for tuning, so I do feel the pain of people with old hardware.  Hell, you can’t even get a decent web browser for XP anymore.

I have several options I’m considering:

  1. Drop support for Windows XP and stick with current QT versions, also dropping some of the specialized compiler flags necessary to be compatible with XP.  This may result in a more stable EEHack?  Or maybe not…
  2. Stick with QT 5.6 forever, and any improvements in QT be damned.  This is the safest option…
  3. Release builds against BOTH versions of QT.  This is more work for me, but it’s possible for me to automate the process:
    1. In one gigantic installer that selects the correct version itself.  This would be a fairly large package and irritate both users since’s upload speed is not awesome
    2. In separate installers and make the user choose.  I’m sure to get weekly inquiries about which version to download despite me labelling them clearly.

If we do choose option one, all hope is not lost.  Anyone can download QT with QT creator and compile EEHack themselves. This is kind of what my Linux user base is doing since I stopped releasing binaries for Linux, and it works alright.

Any opinions, please do comment.

Does this matter to you?  Do you still use XP?  Why?

EEHack 4.8 Beta

New beta version..

Not many changes, mostly some fixed up tooltips, but now we dump the results of the flash log to the debug window.

When a flash write goes bad, it would be nice for me to be able to get those logs so I can help figure out what happened, but most users find the window is closed with no way to get that information back.

Also added a help button that directs you to the support forum.

Would appreciate some people testing flash write in this beta and ensuring everything shows up in the debug log…

EDIT: Now on second beta, compiled against a new version of QT

New Support Forums

For help with EEHack, EEX, or general f-body stuff, I made a forum so it’s easier to ask questions, or just discuss the software.

I doubt it’ll become very active, but my hope is that new users can read this forum to search for answers to frequently asked questions.

This forum shares its membership database with this blog as well, so if you’ve already signed up, you’re good to go.

This should be more efficient than posting comments here if you need help (and I will now stop approving comments on blog posts asking for help, instead sending a private message reccommending re-posting on the forum …)


EEHack 4.7 Release

Released the latest version as 4.7 (forget that minor version stuff!)

More stable, better tooltips, more settings, etc.

Download it now!

  • Fix bug that prevented ‘silence extra modules’ setting from working
  • Fix bug that sometimes prevented ‘dump ram’ setting from working
  • Stop counting errors during initial connection (unnatural serial events may be normal…)
  • Allow crazy values in linear voltage to AFR mapping (for lambada or edge cases)
  • Seperate left and right BLM values in the closed loop performance analyzer
  • Fix some tooltips and stuff
  • Parameter selector now defaults to ‘Extended’
  • Add option to always draw the dashboard
  • Tabs in settings to make room for more settings in the future

4.61 Beta

New beta version is out with a few small bug fixes and enhancements. Please help me test it!

Fix bug that prevented 'silence extra modules' setting from working
Fix bug that sometimes prevented 'dump ram' setting from working
Stop counting errors during initial connection (unnatural serial events may be normal...)
Allow crazy values in linear voltage to AFR mapping (for lambada or edge cases)
Seperate left and right BLM values in the closed loop performance analyzer

EEHack 4.6 Released

The big news is it connects to corvettes properly, and controls transmission line pressure and EGR duty cycle.

We need B-Body owners to help test connectivity on those cars (especially caddies)

Controls are now done in an ‘expert’ and ‘basic’ mode, so new users don’t have to be afraid of accidentally modifying line pressure while driving and breaking their car…



Bloody spammers

I’m sorry if I’ve deleted your account on this blog, please remake it.  There were too many spammers to keep up with.  I’ve added some basic GM-related questions to the registration form, hope it keeps the spammers away …

Things EEHack needs right now

Things EEHack needs from beta testers right now:

– Review of the definition file for any other typos, mistakes, oversights, or things that could be re-labelled to make more sense
– Testing of B-Body connection stability, especially with a caddy
– Testing of EGR actuation
– More ideas for new swag!

You can help keep the project alive by contributing comments or ideas.

The new version will be out soon…